February 2007 = Deposition from Holy Orders

  • On February 13/26 the first rank Synodical Court deposed from Holy Orders the following priests: Joseph Sunderland, Steven Allen, George Poullas and the deacons: Sergei Boulter, Paul Brown and John Somers after having summoned them on December 30/January 12. They are all American citizens and were given 40 days to appeal the decision. The clergymen had been summoned by Protocol 1-6/07, December 30/January 12, 2007, to appear before spiritual court and were given forty days to respond if any extension was needed. There were no replies. The Decision, Protocol 438/A’/β 071, February 14/27, 2007, was issued giving forty more days to appeal. Only one then technically contacted the spiritual court. In addition, they were contacted by Encyclical, Protocol 414/Σ 130, and by Synodical Letter, Protocol 416/Σ 131, shortly before being initially summoned.

January 2007 = Holy Epiphany

  • With the proper magnificence but also devoutness took place the Holy Epiphany by our Church. His Beatitude Archbishop mr.Makarios cast the Cross in the region of Old Faliron at Piraeus. The ceremony was presided by His Eminence Metropolitan mr.Christophoros, twenty Priests and hundreds of people. His Eminence Metropolitan of Fthiotida mr.Kallinikos arranged the feast in the coastal city of Stylidas, while the Metropolitan of Thessalonica mr.Efthymios in the city of Thessalonica.

January 2007 = Interruption of Communion

  • The Metropolitan of Avlon mr.Angelos interrupted communion with our Church after sending a letter to the Archbishop mr.Makarios. As reported on the Internet Metr. Angelos joined Metropolitan Antonio (Rosso) of the Italian Church.

January 2007 = Referral to the Synodical Court

  • The Priests: Joseph Sunderland, Steven Allen, George Poullas and the Deacons Paul Brown, Sergei Boulter, John Somers, all residents of America were impeached to the High Synodical Court with the charges of factionalism, machination, and contempt toward their Ecclesiastical authority. The day of the trial was arranged for the 13/26 of February 2007.