Welcome  to  “CONFESSOR”

The presence on the Web of laity confessing Genuine Orthodoxy.
  • Through it you’ll have the possibility of knowing “About us” and the reasons for our presence on the web.
  • The choice “Why we oppose” gives a concise description of our opposition to Ecumenism, New Calendarism and every other innovation that attacksthe Orthodox Church.”
  • Pressing the button Sacred Struggle” will acquaint you with the history of the G.O.C. of Greece as we have learned it from the sources we have collected. Our intention is also to host the Sacred Struggle of other nations.
  • Being members of the Orthodox Church we reside under Ecclesiastical Administration, which we show in the choice “Our Church”.
  • Selecting the menu “Archives” there appears the most important encyclicals of our Church that have any relation with her Confession, statements and other interesting articles.
  • The menu Worship Life contains texts which are concerned with the Typicon of the Orthodox Church.
  • Clicking the “Spiritual Life” you will find spiritual resources for the life in Christ.
  • You may read some selected“Articles” we chosed to publish.
  • The choice “News” will inform you of various ecclesiastical happenings in Greece and other countries and about varius other news around the globe.

We apologize beforehand for any imperfections and neglect, in time we will enrich our web site by adding new elements in the various menus. In this effort we will be pleased to receive any e-mail here.

Lastly we propose that you start your navigation of our web site by visiting the Site Map link, at which you will also be able to be informed of any new material being added.