About us

This web-site represents an unofficial initiative of a group of laity following the Old Orthodox (Julian) Calendar of the Church.

Our motion has been the existence on the Internet of a lot of Greek and foreign Orthodox web-sites seeking to enlighten everyone who seeks the true faith and the promotion of the Genuine Orthodox expression internationally.
We believe that we may also contribute in the Orthodox Struggle, by promoting at the same time the ecclesiological stances of the jurisdiction we belong to.

So we move on as free expressors of our opinion by giving it the title “CONFESSOR”.

Our intentions are not the struggle and the “fight of brothers” between the various jurisdictions of the G.O.C. and we hope that we are not going to be guided by others in such a soul damaging and harmful conflict for the church, but our contribution in the Orthodox Confession and the holy struggle for our paternal faith.

With the above wishful thinking, we call every Orthodox Christian of good-will, especially young men or women who possess the same vision, to cooperate with us for the glory of our dearest Orthodoxy.

With the love of Christ,
Young Orthodox Confessors.

“After the change of the calendar (10/3/1924) the non-schismatic Orthodox (ironically misnamed “Old Calendarists”), suffering persecution, assembled at night on Mount Hymettus, above Holargos. It being the eve of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, they prepared to keep vigil most of the night to secretly celebrate the feast. Around 11:30 p.m there appeared in the sky a very white and brilliant cross, the light of which focused ONLY on the monastery and the yard around it. This confirmed that God wanted the people to follow the old patristic calendar. This miracle was observed not only by the Orthodox congregation but by the very police officers who had been sent to disperse them.”
(Newspaper “Skrip”, Sept. 15/28, 1925)