Ten year old Myriam from Iraq who has forgived ISIL (Video)


 Her family lives for the last four months in a reservation camp of displaced people, after she lost her house in Qarakosh of Iraq from ISIL – but the faith and forgiveness of the 10year old Christian Myriam, after experiencing this tragedy, bring tears in the eyes of the reporter who took her interview.

Source: RedSky

What is the next suprise awaiting us?

Fr. Romanos Radwan was a young Arab seminarian from the Holy Land at Jordanville in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He was very quiet and studious. After graduation he returned to the Holy Land, married and was ordained priest by the Jerusamen Patriarchate for Nazareth. After the fall of Patriarch Irenaeos Fr. Romanos protested and joined Met. Agafangel of Odessa. He remained in communion with Ireneaos and with Agafangel.

He has now been consecrated bishop for Haifa, Israel, under the Agathangelites who requested the “blessing” of ex-Patriarch Irenaeos who is under house-arrest in the patriarchate. There is no reference to his presbytera. The Agafangelites are in full communion with the Kypriano-kiousites.

Metr. Agathangel Encyclical-Notice.

Metr. Agathangel Encyclical-Notice.


I hereby notify all the faithful of the Russian Orthodox Russian Church Outside of Russia, that the Council of Bishops, held in Mountain View (USA) in May 2014, according to the blessing of Patriarch of Jerusalem Irenaeus expressed by him in a phone call on speakerphone, who heard all present bishops, decided to consecrate Hieromonk Roman (Radwan) bishop, vicar of the President of the Synod of Bishops ROCA.

Consecrated bishop of the city of Haifa accomplished in Odessa July 7, 2014 First Hierarch of ROCA Metropolitan Agafangel and Archbishop George and Bishop Nikon. Taking into account the specific situation of the Church in the Holy Land, it was decided not to make a public announcement at that time.

Chairman of the Synod of Bishops
+ Agafangel
Metropolitan New York and Eastern America

Concerning the recent Kyprianokiousite amalgamation.

On Sunday, March 10/23, 2014, the Synod of “Archbishop” Kallinikos Sarantopoulos formally united with the Synod in Resistance, the jurisdiction of the late Kyprianos Koutsoumpas, expressors of the so called “Kyprianism”.

The document which explains the ecclesiology of this new amalgamation reveals an important detail of this union: that the two groups agreed that grace cannot be guaranteed in the mysteries of the New Calendarists and that a future synod of all the Genuine Orthodox will decide the issue.

What this detail tells us is that, rather than the Kyprianites returning to the GOC ecclesiology, the Kallinikos Synod accepted the Kyprianite ecclesiology.

In addition, the union included the Russian jurisdiction under Metropolitan Agafangel (ROCOR-PSCA), who has refused to say that the Moscow Patriarchate is graceless and has written that the Roman Catholics, Monophysites and Old Believers have grace in their mysteries.

We pray for the unity of all, but it must be a God-pleasing unity based on the Truth of our Holy Orthodox Faith.

The above we have extracted from the published analysis of Mr. Vladimir Moss (with his permission) which you may also find it translated in the “Articles” section of our Website by following this link.

Video from Egypt shows Muslim mob attacking Christian church, taking down Cross.


Source: www.MCNdirect.com

Ecumenistic soccer.

Interfaith worship place for Euro 2012

Poland – Photos of interfaith worship space created for the needs of players of different ethnic groups of the European Championship Euro 2012. (gazeta)

The Interfaith worship place.


A Catholic.


A Hebrew.


A Muslim.


The “Orthodox” of course…


And the team…

Orthodox Church desecrated in Homs, Syria, by Muslims.


Muslim justice.

Active clerics of ROCOR-MP (Moscow Patriarchate)…

Bishop Varnavas (center).

On May 15, 2012 the French appellate court upheld a six month suspended sentence for Bishop Varnava of Cannes, France, and three months for Priest Seraphim Baranchikov.  This confirms that the court considers Bishop Varnava and his legal husband Seraphim (Baranchikov) to be felons.  They remain active clerics of ROCOR-MP (Moscow Patriarchate).


Roman Catholic wedding in Poland…


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Historic Orthodox Church to be demolished, not restored in Turkey.

Orthodox Church of Saint Nicolas.

The decision to demolish a 232-year-old Orthodox Church in the Bodrum district of the western province of Muğla (Turkey) has surprised locals who had been expecting it to be restored, daily Radikal reported today.

Locals had applied to restore the Saint Nicolas (Aya Nikolaya) church, however the Bodrum municipality decided to demolish it instead, according to a claim by Pamukkale University that declared the church building rotten.

The decision was signed by Dursun Göktepe of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), who was substituting for Mayor Mehmet Kocadon while the latter was in prison on allegations of corruption. However, Kocadon was against the demolition and has announced that he will launch an investigation into the decision.

Since 1965, the Saint Nicolas Church had been used as a storage site, cinema, theater and boat shed.

Source: Hurriyet Dailynews.com


Germany: video from the “Day of Ecumenism”(in German).

The church where the “Day of Ecumenism” took place in Trier, Germany,  was built by Saint Constantine the Great  (306–337 AD) at the beginning of the 4th century. It is now used by Protestants.