December 2007 = Priestly ordinations

  • This month there were ordinations in St. Petersburg, Russia to the diaconate and priesthood of the monk Fr. Stefan Usachev. And the two ordinations were performed by His Grace Bishop Nektarios of Olympus.

December 2007 = Reception of Sacred Monasteries 

  • At the present time a pleasant event occurred in that two significant monasteries joined the Sacred Synod of our Church. The men’s Sacred Monastery of St. Panteleimon which is located in Lykochoro of the Achaia prefecture, and the women’s Sacred Monastery of the Panaghia Directress located in the Manolada Ileias region. The Sacred Monastery of St. Panteleimon has 8 monks with the Abbot Archimandrite Ioakeim Evangelatos while the Sacred Monastery of the Panaghia Directress has 10 nuns with the Abbess nun Markella. These two monasteries arrived from the party of Archbishop Chrysostomos Kiousis whom they renounced.

November 2007 = Yet again concerning Archb. Gregory of Colorado

  • Several days ago we published the position of our Church concerning the acceptance of a certain bishop by Archb. Gregory of Colorado. We did this after receiving inquiries from readers of our web site if our Sacred Synod actually took part in this affair. We have ascertained that supporters of Archb. Gregory have disputed our publication and more over imputed its credibility.

We emphasize:

a) That we are not an individual but a small team of young laymen who do not express our personal opinions.

b) That although our web site is unofficial that does not mean it is irresponsible.

c) We are not maliciously motivated but to the contrary have tried to be objective and multiple times have presented events concisely as in this latest affair of Archb. Gregory.

  • However, considering that our course was not respected by supporters of Archb. Gregory we are compelled to provide the full statement of the Press Office of the Sacred Synod in order to afford everyone the opportunity to draw their own conclusions. We regret this development and we apologize to Archb. Gregory, but the responsibility is that of his own supporters.

Click here to see the Official Document from the Director of the Press Office of the Sacred Synod, Metropolitan Mr. Efthemios. We also supply a translation in English.

November 2007 = Clarification

  • We were informed that some bishop Ambrose (Moran-Dolgorovky) in the USA used an encyclical he made the name of His Beatitude our Archbishop Mr. Makarios that he gave approval in order for him to unite with Abp. Gregory of Colorado. The press office of the Sacred Synod announced that our Church has nothing to do with the reported affair and naturally has neither jurisdiction nor obligation to approve acts that do not belong in her jurisdiction.

October 2007 = Dismissal of Bishop

  • At the October 11 session the Sacred Synod made the unpleasant decision to expel Metropolitan Athanasios of Acharnes from the hierarchy. This decision was a result of his provocative distant attitude since January, his scandalous participation in the marriage of an Athonite monk of the Great Schema and his association with schismatics. Taking into consideration his illness and advanced age the Sacred Synod decided out of leniency to apply the epitimion of expulsion.

October 2007 = Election of the Bishop of Olympu

  • The Sacred Synod, keeping in mind the pastoral needs of its flock abroad, decided at the October 11 session to elect a bishop for Russia. From the candidates, the Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektariy Yashunsky, rector of the Sacred Church of the Panaghia Pantanassa in St. Petersburg, was elected. The new bishop received the title of the venerable Diocese of Olympu. The consecration took place in Athens on October 12 in the Cathedral of the Holy Apostles, presided over by His Beatitude Archbishop k. Makarios, our First Hierarch, together with the other members of the Sacred Synod.

August 2007 = Ill Hierarch

  • On August 2  Metropolitan Kallinikos of Phthiotis was taken to the hospital on doctor’s orders. The metropolitan remained hospitalized for one week and was discharged healthy. We pray that His Eminence has a good recovery.

August 2007 = Election of the Bishop of Gardikiou

  • On August 18/31 at the session of the Sacred Synod took place the election of a bishop to assist Metropolitan Kallinikos of Phthiotis in his pastoral duties. The V. Rev. Archimandrite Athanasios Bafiadis, abbot of the Sacred Monastery of St. Athanasios of Meteora, was elected from the candidates. The new bishop received the title of the venerable Diocese of Gardikiou, which was also held by His Beatitude Archbishop k. Auxentios as well as by Bishop k. Anthimos. The consecration took place on August 22 in the Cathedral of St. Spyridon in Lamia, presided over by His Beatitude Archbishop k. Makarios, our First Hierarch, together with the other members of the Sacred Synod.

July 2007 = Priestly Ordination

  • On July 17 the Rev. Hierodeacon Alexandros Sorotos, a brother of the Sacred Monastery of St. James the Brother of the Lord, was ordained to the priesthood. The ordination took place in the Sacred Church of St. Marina, Koridallos – Peiraias. Hieromonk Alexandros was appointed rector of the Sacred Church of the Holy Unmercenaries, Eleusis.

April 2007 = Advancement of Metropolitan

  • During the meeting of the Holy Synod at 27th of April Bishop Vissarion of Tarsos was advanced to Metropolitan of Sydney. The enthroning of the new Metropolitan will take place in the near future.