July 2006 = Missionary News

  • Four new clerics were added at the force of our Church abroad. They are three new married clerics and one Hieromonk which they live in Italy. These clerics were from the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan of Milan Evlogios and they were accepted under the proper order of the Church from the Metropolitan of France Philaret and Exarch of the West Europe Mr. Philaret.

May 2006 = Departure to our Lord.

  • At 18th of May 2006 (O.S.) Archim. Kyprianos Vlahos departured to Lord. Father Kyprianos was a devout cleric and fighter of the Patrimonial Devoutness. During the last times of his life his illnes contributed in to his spiritual purification thus he delivered his soul in the hands of God. His funeral took place at the church he was servicing for the decades and his burial was made according to his wishes at the H.M. of Saint James the Brother of the Lord at Thessalonica.

The Orthodox youth wishes the Lord to rank his soul among His Saints.

March 2006 = Sunday of Orthodoxy.

  • With briliance and reverence this year was celebrated by our church, the Sunday of Orthodoxy. The concentration took place in a hall of the luxury hotel of “Titania” at the center of Athens. The attendance of the faithful from the basin of Attica was very large and for one more time exceeded the predicted number. So, after the 600 people hall was filled up, many were those who attended the fest from the common rooms outside the hall. Main speaker was his emminence Bishop Christophoros of Mesogeas and islands who spoke with the subject of: “The Greek Orthodox testimony toward the West chalenges of our age”, while the chorodia of the H. Monastery of Panagia Kanala chanted the corresponding hymnes of the day.

March 2006 = Memorial offering.

  • A memorial offering was published, for the holifying of the Holy Myrrh that took place at 2004 from the Holy Synod. It is a deluxe version with memoirs in the meaning of the Holy Myrrh, the way it is made, the material that are being used, the preparation for the ceremony and the holifying and many pictures. The limited number of copies, makes this book a collector’s item. Whoever is interested to receive it must address at the Office of the Holy Synod or at the Metropolis of our Church.

January 2006 = The Holy Epiphany.

  • After the statement of Metropolitan Niphon of Piraeus to the Holy Synod that he does not intend to organise the established synodical ceremony of Epiphany in Piraeus, the Holy Synod decided each Bishop to do the feast of Epiphany in his own province. Thus, His Beautitude Archbishop Makarios substituted the ill Metr. Efthimios in the port of Salonica, His Emminence Kallinikos of Fthiotida did the feast in the port of Stylida (Fthiotida), His Emminence Christophoros of Messogeas in the old port of Ambelakia (Salamina), His Emminence Niphon of Piraeus in the cathedral (Korydallos, Piraeus), His Emminence Agelos of Avlona in his Monastery (Malakassa), and His Emminence Avrossios of Filippon in the city of Drama.