December 2004 = A clarification about our web-page.

  • As we have declared our web-page was created by a small group of young people whom belong to the Church of G.O.C. of Greece under His Beatitude Archbishop Makarios, (we make this clarification not because we like to distinct but because this is what other jurisdiction of G.O.C. in Greece consider as necessary). Our group works collectively. Discusses the prospects of our web-page, edit’s the new materials, collect’s information and answer with one member in the e-mails we receive. Our main work is not the web-page although. That is why we decided in turns to take care and represent our group. So for example –as you already have understood, whoever had sent us messages- we have answered you through our brother Dimitrios but in little while another member will take his turn. We make this explanation to avoid any mistaken impressions when you will see a different name in your e-mails.

 December 2004 = Appreciations.

  • At the 12th of December (O.S)our web-page was created in the Internet. The respond of her visitors from the first days has surpassed our expectations, a fact that justifies our venture and proves the necessity of our presence and the promotion of our Church in the Internet. We are obliged to thank our Hierarchy whom even though didn’t like our project, is showing a paternal tolerance. We have to thank all our friends whom with their congratulation e-mails, has given us courage and strength to go on.

December 2004 = A clarification about our web-page.

  • Some of our friends are using for subjects concerning the material covered in our web-page the e-mail of our site’s technician (web-master). We will ask our friends to be careful in the use of the e-mails and utilize the address of [email protected] for any reason other than technical. (WARNING, THIS ANNOUNCEMENT IS NOT VALID ANYMORE).

December 2004 = Ordination of Deacon John Somers.

  • At the 14th of December (O.S) was ordained deacon the devout John Sommers from United States. His ordain took place at the Holy Temple of Taxiarchon – Athens, from the Metr. Niphon of Pireas. Fr. John is married and a father of two children.

October 2004 = The resignation of the Chief-Secretary of the Holy Synod.

  • At the conference of Holy Synod of the month October, was accepted the resignation of Metr. Christoforos as Chief Secretary of the Holy Synod. His Eminence Christoforos submitted his resignation after the directions given to him by doctors whom had diagnosed him to be fatigued. Holy Synod has temporarily given the position of the Chief Secretary to Metr. Aggelos of Avlonas.

October 2004 = Pastorate of America.

  • During the same conference, the Locum Tenens of America was denied from Metr. Nifon and was appointed directly to the Holy Synod. In this decision, is reported that the problems of the exarchy of America and all the similar exarchates which are pastorated by the Holy Synod, will be taken care and decided by the Holy Synod. In those exarchates the name of Archbishop Makarios will be memorized and the Churches and Parishes whom are combined from will be able to invite for their needs any Priest of the Holy Synod.

September 2004 = The newcalendarists ask to make dialogue with the G.O.C.

  • Taking the chance of welcoming the start of the new synodic period the church of the New Calendar ,announced in advance her pursuit to dialogue with the G.O.C. to solve the Oldcalendaristic problem. This statement it is not unprecedented . At the past there was a similar wish on behalf of the state church but the G.O.C. then refused any compromise. Now although the times are rather “ripe” for the Newcalendar Church to consider that it is time to return to the subject. Anyhow as we get informed the majority of the G.O.C. again deny the dialogue with the state church since it is put as the base of the dialogue the solving of the Oldcalendaristic problem. Specifically the synod of the G.O.C. under the Archbishop Makarios in a statement clarified that there is no Oldcalendaric problem in Greece but a Newcalendaric problem. Similar have been the reactions of the other parataxis of the G.O.C. minus the one belonging to Archbishop Chrysostomos whom declared the wish for dialogue with the Newcalendarists and protested because the Newcalendarists were not limited only to them as the only and regular G.O.C. but they are disposed to come in interaction with all the groups off the oldcalendarists.

September 2004 = Weathering of the language.

  • Turmoil have brought the initiative  of the Archbishop of the Newcalendar Church Hristodoulos ,to be read in his province every Sunday the Apostle and the Gospel during the holy mass also in the Demotic .As a known fact years ago has been compiled liturgical scripts in the Demotic but they have not been officially active. The supporters of the compiling say that the need of better understanding by the faithful of the ceremonies enforces the Demotic ,while the protesters to this venture support that the Demotic will subtract the liturgical devoutness of the Church. The whole case reminded us the “Evaggeliaka” (from the word ευαγγέλιο=gospel) of 1901 ,of which with the cause the effort to translate the Gospel in the Demotic, happen in Athens rally with ringleaders the university students. The protesters fought with the police authorities ,eight got killed and 80 wounded . Because of this bloody happenings after few days the government resigned and the Metropolitan Prokopios of Athens was ceased from his position.

September 2004 = Brotherly arrows.

  • With extrajudicial paper the parataxis of Archbishop Chrysostomos ,threatens to sue the Synod of Archbishop Makarios ,if he continues to use the title “Church G.O.C. of Greece” .As a known fact the church of Archbishop Makarios tries to enforce itself as the only legal and regular Synod of G.O.C. of Greece .We don’t know if a similar extrajudicial papers have been send from the Synod of Archbishop Chrysostomos  also to the other of the oldcalendaric parataxies since almost everyone (not counting the one of Metropolitan Kiprianos) uses the same title. 
  • We recon that for many reasons it would have been better to be (as long as the curse of the splittering of the G.O.C of Greece exists) of a different name   in every parataxis but we disagree like many others about the aggressive stance of the parataxis of Archbishop Chrysostomos  .For example it would have been a better all the existing parataxies to come in a dialogue and correct this issue. Oldcalendarists to guide other Oldcalendarists in courts for such a meanness reasons ,does not profit nobody but only the enemies of the genuine Orthodox faith.
  • Although just for historical reasons if we want to objectively give to one parataxis the title “Church G.O.C. of Greece” ,that is the parataxis of the Mattheikon whom without counting the loss of their ecclesiastical heritage (because of their splitting from the G.O.C. at 1937) they continued to be named as Synod of “Church G.O.C. of Greece” after 1955 ,when there was no other oldcalendaric parataxis in Greece.