December 2004 = A clarification about our web-page.

  • As we have declared our web-page was created by a small group of young people whom belong to the Church of G.O.C. of Greece under His Beatitude Archbishop Makarios, (we make this clarification not because we like to distinct but because this is what other jurisdiction of G.O.C. in Greece consider as necessary). Our group works collectively. Discusses the prospects of our web-page, edit’s the new materials, collect’s information and answer with one member in the e-mails we receive. Our main work is not the web-page although. That is why we decided in turns to take care and represent our group. So for example –as you already have understood, whoever had sent us messages- we have answered you through our brother Dimitrios but in little while another member will take his turn. We make this explanation to avoid any mistaken impressions when you will see a different name in your e-mails.

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