November 2007 = Yet again concerning Archb. Gregory of Colorado

  • Several days ago we published the position of our Church concerning the acceptance of a certain bishop by Archb. Gregory of Colorado. We did this after receiving inquiries from readers of our web site if our Sacred Synod actually took part in this affair. We have ascertained that supporters of Archb. Gregory have disputed our publication and more over imputed its credibility.

We emphasize:

a) That we are not an individual but a small team of young laymen who do not express our personal opinions.

b) That although our web site is unofficial that does not mean it is irresponsible.

c) We are not maliciously motivated but to the contrary have tried to be objective and multiple times have presented events concisely as in this latest affair of Archb. Gregory.

  • However, considering that our course was not respected by supporters of Archb. Gregory we are compelled to provide the full statement of the Press Office of the Sacred Synod in order to afford everyone the opportunity to draw their own conclusions. We regret this development and we apologize to Archb. Gregory, but the responsibility is that of his own supporters.

Click here to see the Official Document from the Director of the Press Office of the Sacred Synod, Metropolitan Mr. Efthemios. We also supply a translation in English.