March 2005 = The Media attack the Church.

  • Grave scandals had shaken the previous months Greek justice and the Government’s Church of Greece. The press and the Television participated in these happenings for a long time. Focusing in the figure of one cleric of the Newcalendar Church they reported also the name of Metr. Efthimios of Salonica, to whom the above Newcalendar priest, now in detention, 23 years ago had laid accusations. This fact became the cause of disturbance and confusion in the ranks of G.O.C .Reasonably many had been shocked because the years that had passed are many and they don’t know the facts. Certainly to this helped some variant “brothers” whom found the opportunity to pursuit their dear tactic. All this time a lot have spoken and declared. What matters is the truth. 23 years ago a letter was presented that accused Metr. Efthimios for moral fallings and had the signature of that Newcalendarist priest. When the Holy Synod after some years handled this case called that priest to confirm his letter but he stated in paper that this letter was not his. This was also confirmed from three graphological tests. So this subject was over then. Every good willing person can be satisfied in this fact. The accuser itself denied the accusation. Now if the benefits of some and the pursuit or their infernal plans, bypass the reality of the facts and show half the truth, certainly they do not work in God’s way. Finally we were informed that Metr. Efthimios reacted instantly and legally to the slanders that took place against him. He sent statements to the Press and the Media. He issued charges against everyone that had accused him and informed all the priests of our Church with a booklet that was published and informing all the history of the case. The Holy Synod asked explanations from Metr. Efthimios about this case and concluded that there is no point of pursuit.