June 2005 = Unfair reactions concerning our web – page.

  • Because we want to inform our visitors for the ecclesiastical news of our Synod , we try to collect informations from our High priests so we can be as much precise as we can be. Lately we have seen hesitation to collect information from our Archpriests. Many times their reactions were repeling. We understood that something was going on but we couldn’t recognise the cause.It took some effort and perstistence and finnaly we found out that his Eminence Metr. Nifon, has accused in the Holy Synod the existence of our web-page. We are very sorry for this unjustifiable movement of his Eminence Niphon. For one more time we state that our web-page do not constitue the official expression of our Holy Synod but our own personal initiative. If in our Orthodox voice in the internet we include the Church into which we belong, we did it because of respect to her and for promoting her, just like as almost every G.O.C. has done. This present reaction of his Eminence Niphon of Pireas concerning the Internet we cannot understand. And we state that, because during the time that he was Exarch of America and had under his juristiction priests, and to be presice Fr. Christophoros Johnson and Victora Melechof, whom always had and have web-pages, they were never forbitten to have them. These are what we have to state with a lot of love and respect to His Eminence Niphon.