July 2005 = Summer Synod of Hierarchy.

  • At 3rd of July has taken place the Synod of the Hierarchy of our Church. The synod took place at the Holy Monastery of Saint Athanasios of Fthiotida. At the conference came His beautitude  Archbishop Macarios and their Eminences Metropolitans Kalinikos of Pthiotidas, Efthimios of Salonica, Christoforos of Mesogaia, Philaret of France, His Grace Bishop  Ambrosios of Philipi , and Metr. Agelos of Avlona was represented with a proxy. Among others, the Holy Synod ratified the desicions of past conferences and took desicions about the way the Holy Synod function. With this conference ended this year’s synodical period. The new synodical period will start at September.