Is the Papacy a Church?


“We have cut the Latins off from us for no other reason than that they are not only schismatics, but also heretics. For this reason it is wholly improper to unite with them.” – St. Mark Evgenikos of Ephesus (1392-1444)

“Is the Papacy a Church?” by Alexander Kalomiros. It is an excellent article concerning the Papacy. It was printed in:TYPOS, June-July issues, 1965, Athens, Greece.

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Concerning the communion with heretics- St. John V, the Merciful, Patriarch of Alexandria.

St. John V, the Merciful, Patriarch of Alexandria.


“… As to our Saint John, he incessantly warned his flock to avoid all communion in spiritual matters with any who were separated by heresy from the communion of the Church, and not so much as to enter into their churches or meeting houses, much less to join with them in prayer, even though any one should be so unhappily circumstanced as to be confined during his whole life to a place where he could never see an Orthodox priest, or receive any of the Holy Mysteries; for, said he, as the laws of God and man forbid any one, who has a wife living, to cohabit with another woman, how distant or for how long a time soever his lawful wife may be separated from him, so he who has been espoused to Christ in the Orthodox Church, cannot without the crime of spiritual adultery, upon any pretext whatsoever, engage himself in the communion of heretics …”

St. John V, the Merciful, Patriarch of Alexandria, 550-620 A.D.




Pope receives Tiara from Catholics and… Orthodox.

Pope Receives Tiara From Catholics and Orthodox.

At the weekly general audience the Pope received a new tiara made for him and presented by Catholic and “Orthodox” Christians. The tiara was commissioned by Dieter Philippi, (a German Catholic businessman who has a great devotion to the papacy as well as to the heretical Christian unity movement).

The tiara was created in Sofia, Bulgaria by Orthodox Christians of the Liturgix studio.

A small delegation of Roman Catholics and Bulgarian Orthodox on “pilgrimage” in Rome presented the tiara to the Pope in the name of “Christian unity”…