February 2007 = Deposition from Holy Orders

  • On February 13/26 the first rank Synodical Court deposed from Holy Orders the following priests: Joseph Sunderland, Steven Allen, George Poullas and the deacons: Sergei Boulter, Paul Brown and John Somers after having summoned them on December 30/January 12. They are all American citizens and were given 40 days to appeal the decision. The clergymen had been summoned by Protocol 1-6/07, December 30/January 12, 2007, to appear before spiritual court and were given forty days to respond if any extension was needed. There were no replies. The Decision, Protocol 438/A’/β 071, February 14/27, 2007, was issued giving forty more days to appeal. Only one then technically contacted the spiritual court. In addition, they were contacted by Encyclical, Protocol 414/Σ 130, and by Synodical Letter, Protocol 416/Σ 131, shortly before being initially summoned.