September 2004 = The newcalendarists ask to make dialogue with the G.O.C.

  • Taking the chance of welcoming the start of the new synodic period the church of the New Calendar ,announced in advance her pursuit to dialogue with the G.O.C. to solve the Oldcalendaristic problem. This statement it is not unprecedented . At the past there was a similar wish on behalf of the state church but the G.O.C. then refused any compromise. Now although the times are rather “ripe” for the Newcalendar Church to consider that it is time to return to the subject. Anyhow as we get informed the majority of the G.O.C. again deny the dialogue with the state church since it is put as the base of the dialogue the solving of the Oldcalendaristic problem. Specifically the synod of the G.O.C. under the Archbishop Makarios in a statement clarified that there is no Oldcalendaric problem in Greece but a Newcalendaric problem. Similar have been the reactions of the other parataxis of the G.O.C. minus the one belonging to Archbishop Chrysostomos whom declared the wish for dialogue with the Newcalendarists and protested because the Newcalendarists were not limited only to them as the only and regular G.O.C. but they are disposed to come in interaction with all the groups off the oldcalendarists.