September 2004 = Weathering of the language.

  • Turmoil have brought the initiative  of the Archbishop of the Newcalendar Church Hristodoulos ,to be read in his province every Sunday the Apostle and the Gospel during the holy mass also in the Demotic .As a known fact years ago has been compiled liturgical scripts in the Demotic but they have not been officially active. The supporters of the compiling say that the need of better understanding by the faithful of the ceremonies enforces the Demotic ,while the protesters to this venture support that the Demotic will subtract the liturgical devoutness of the Church. The whole case reminded us the “Evaggeliaka” (from the word ευαγγέλιο=gospel) of 1901 ,of which with the cause the effort to translate the Gospel in the Demotic, happen in Athens rally with ringleaders the university students. The protesters fought with the police authorities ,eight got killed and 80 wounded . Because of this bloody happenings after few days the government resigned and the Metropolitan Prokopios of Athens was ceased from his position.