June 2005 = Another victory of our Chuch.

  • Several months ago the Prosecutor of Pireas for unknown reasons pronounced that the Bishops of G.O.C. do not have the power to issue divorces. The Holy Synod managed to learn this pronounce and reacted instantly and legaly. With a memo that was sent to the Supreme court of apeal asked their judgement on the matter. The supreme court answered to our Holy Synod and decided that contrary with the pronounced opinion of the prosecutor of Pireas, that the Bishops of G.O.C. have the right to issue divorces in the broken mariages that they have made. We have to point out that this justification of the G.O.C. from the state, happened after the reaction only of our Holy Synod, thus even though it concerns all of the G.O.C. it was directed only to our Church