July 2008 = What is happening? – the same as always!

  • The Colorado party doesn’t seem to calm down. We had decided not to deal with them them anymore, since we have found that no one else does. But, unfortunately, we can’t stand the temptation of the challenge from their part.
  • They have published the conversation they had with His Beatitude Archbishop Makarios from whom, as they try to prove unsuccessfully, they have taken the consent and participation in the receiving of an Archpriest.  Since the only thing proven in this conversation is the elicitation of His Beatitude Archbishop Makarios’ opinion on the subject, we ask the Coloradians to allow us to publish, in our web site, the recorded conversation also, so as to prove to the visitors of our Webpage thoroughly what we have made known until now, that His Beatitude Archbishop Makarios didn’t have any active participation in the case of Amvrosios.
  • As anyone can understand, the question of the Coloradians, up until the end, was: “what is your opinion…”, an evidence that His Beatitude Archbishop Makarios always expressed his opinion. Finally, we have learned from an unofficial information that His Beatitude Archbishop Makarios is thinking to file a suit against those who talked with Him and recorded the conversation.
  • Given that the phone-tapping is considered a criminal act from the Greek Justice, in case His Beatitude Archbishop Makarios takes this step, those who committed the phone-tapping will be arrested immediately upon their arrival in Greece.
  • We would like to remind you, also, the published letter of our Archbishop Makarios concerning the matter here.