July 2006 = New Churches under our Holy Synod

  • Two more churches were added to our Holy Synod. One of them is dedicated to the Saints Anargiroi and is resident at the town of Elefsina (20km outside of Athens). This church used to be under the juristiction of Archbishop Chrysostom Kiousis and after a time of being self-regulating was added to the canonical Synod of the Church of the G.O.C. of Greece. Priest to the Church was assigned Archim. Fr. Nikiforos Nassos.
  • The other temple is at the town of Nikaia inside the territory of Athens and it is dedicated to the annunciation of Theotokos (also known as Evagelistria-Karahaliou). The last year was under a separate ecclesiastical jurisdiction until it was recently added to our Church. This Church is temporary serviced from various priests.