July 2005 = New persecution of G.O.C.

  • Turmoil and anger was created in the circles of the Genuine Orthodox Christians because of the new maligned situation which has arisen. The G.O.C. of Greece after the long term fights, persecutions and extortions they have endured, had managed to enjoy their spiritual freedom and the acceptance of their holy mysteries by the state. Unfortunately, the conditions are being returning at the period of the persecutions (1950), with only difference that this days’ persecutor of G.O.C. is not the Newcalendar Church but the Synod of Chrysostom Kiousis! We don’t know what types of actions have taken place, and obviously what type of arrangements between the Synod of Kiousis and the State had happened. The results though, are that some registrar clerks have been ordered, not to put in their municipality records the mysteries of G.O.C. by questioning their validity, with the exception of those being performed by the priests of Archbishop Chrysostom Kiousis.

  • Naturaly the rest of G.O.C. jurisdictions started having problems. This is confirmed from the ecclesiastical jurisdictions of Matheites (of five), of Archbishop Makarios and Bishop Cyprianos, whom were found astound, after many years, in front of this unexpected situation. In the beginning, everyone, was under the impression that it was the revival of a new persecution on behalf of the Newcalendarists. When they asked for explanations from the state offices they found that the new adventures of G.O.C. were created by the G.O.C!

Anyone we asked expressed his sorrow, and in the final account they expressed the same conclusion: “The G.O.C. being persecuted by the ecumenists we understand, being persecuted by the G.O.C. is unthinkable.”

  • We need to underline that the G.O.C. of Greece, since almost the beginning of their contrast with the ecclesiastical innovation of the New Calendar, have been divided in several ecclesiastical jurisdictions. Many times they have united and many times divided. Never though, besides their differences and fights that had between them, any of them dared to use the state to dominate over the other.