August 2006 = Clarification about the Archbishop of Colorado

  • Many visitors of our Web page, sent us messages asking that we answer the recent information that says that the Archbishop of Colorado Gregory linked himself with our Sacred Synod. We communicated with the Arch-secretary of the Sacred Synod, Metropolitan Christoforos and we placed that particular question from which we received the following answer. The subject of a union of Abp. Gregory with our Church was closed months ago with the decision of the Sacred Synod that he was not accepted, effectively rejecting the wish of Abp. Gregory to join the ranks of our Sacred Synod. The visit of the above mentioned bishop to our country was made obviously for pilgrimage reasons. His recent presence at the paternal feast of the Sacred Monastery of Saint Athanasios – Megaron did not constitute an official visit and became after his own initiative so that he could meet His Beatitude, the Archbishop Makarios, who assured him orally of the above mentioned decision of the Sacred Synod.