September 2004 = Brotherly arrows.

  • With extrajudicial paper the parataxis of Archbishop Chrysostomos ,threatens to sue the Synod of Archbishop Makarios ,if he continues to use the title “Church G.O.C. of Greece” .As a known fact the church of Archbishop Makarios tries to enforce itself as the only legal and regular Synod of G.O.C. of Greece .We don’t know if a similar extrajudicial papers have been send from the Synod of Archbishop Chrysostomos  also to the other of the oldcalendaric parataxies since almost everyone (not counting the one of Metropolitan Kiprianos) uses the same title. 
  • We recon that for many reasons it would have been better to be (as long as the curse of the splittering of the G.O.C of Greece exists) of a different name   in every parataxis but we disagree like many others about the aggressive stance of the parataxis of Archbishop Chrysostomos  .For example it would have been a better all the existing parataxies to come in a dialogue and correct this issue. Oldcalendarists to guide other Oldcalendarists in courts for such a meanness reasons ,does not profit nobody but only the enemies of the genuine Orthodox faith.
  • Although just for historical reasons if we want to objectively give to one parataxis the title “Church G.O.C. of Greece” ,that is the parataxis of the Mattheikon whom without counting the loss of their ecclesiastical heritage (because of their splitting from the G.O.C. at 1937) they continued to be named as Synod of “Church G.O.C. of Greece” after 1955 ,when there was no other oldcalendaric parataxis in Greece.