Video from Egypt shows Muslim mob attacking Christian church, taking down Cross.



Ecumenistic soccer.

Interfaith worship place for Euro 2012

Poland – Photos of interfaith worship space created for the needs of players of different ethnic groups of the European Championship Euro 2012. (gazeta)

The Interfaith worship place.


A Catholic.


A Hebrew.


A Muslim.


The “Orthodox” of course…


And the team…

Orthodox Church desecrated in Homs, Syria, by Muslims.


Muslim justice.

Active clerics of ROCOR-MP (Moscow Patriarchate)…

Bishop Varnavas (center).

On May 15, 2012 the French appellate court upheld a six month suspended sentence for Bishop Varnava of Cannes, France, and three months for Priest Seraphim Baranchikov.  This confirms that the court considers Bishop Varnava and his legal husband Seraphim (Baranchikov) to be felons.  They remain active clerics of ROCOR-MP (Moscow Patriarchate).


Roman Catholic wedding in Poland…


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