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Fr. Romanos Radwan was a young Arab seminarian from the Holy Land at Jordanville in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He was very quiet and studious. After graduation he returned to the Holy Land, married and was ordained priest by the Jerusamen Patriarchate for Nazareth. After the fall of Patriarch Irenaeos Fr. Romanos protested and joined Met. Agafangel of Odessa. He remained in communion with Ireneaos and with Agafangel.

He has now been consecrated bishop for Haifa, Israel, under the Agathangelites who requested the “blessing” of ex-Patriarch Irenaeos who is under house-arrest in the patriarchate. There is no reference to his presbytera. The Agafangelites are in full communion with the Kypriano-kiousites.

Metr. Agathangel Encyclical-Notice.

Metr. Agathangel Encyclical-Notice.


I hereby notify all the faithful of the Russian Orthodox Russian Church Outside of Russia, that the Council of Bishops, held in Mountain View (USA) in May 2014, according to the blessing of Patriarch of Jerusalem Irenaeus expressed by him in a phone call on speakerphone, who heard all present bishops, decided to consecrate Hieromonk Roman (Radwan) bishop, vicar of the President of the Synod of Bishops ROCA.

Consecrated bishop of the city of Haifa accomplished in Odessa July 7, 2014 First Hierarch of ROCA Metropolitan Agafangel and Archbishop George and Bishop Nikon. Taking into account the specific situation of the Church in the Holy Land, it was decided not to make a public announcement at that time.

Chairman of the Synod of Bishops
+ Agafangel
Metropolitan New York and Eastern America

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