A Statement from Metropolitan Christophoros

A Note of Clarification

Following a number of particularly garrulous comments concerning my position about an “ecclesiastical union” of our Sacred Synod with the Holy Orthodox Church in North America (HOCNA) I state the following:

1) I requested in written form from the members of HOCNA (by Protocol. # 126 of 14/27/6/2013) clarifications on various ecclesiological and ecclesiastical deviations which are alleged to them and of which there was no written renouncement received by our Sacred Synod. Of this brotherly epistle of mine I have never received any response. Therefore I remain in my prestated position of which I defer from the “union” and I will not willing participate in Eucharistic Communion with them until there will be a signed Orthodox Confession which precludes any deviations from the Holy Fathers and the Synodical decisions of our Predecessors in the Holy Orthodox Faith and of our Holy Struggle.

2) Because some – specialized in the art – have recently tried to write scenarios and conjectures, I hasten to mention that I remain in the hierarchy of the Church of the GOC of Greece under Archbishop Makarios, who himself has assured me that with his venerable intervention this case will be shortly resolved.

In Salamina, 11/24 – 9 – 2013

Your fervent intercessor before the Lord,

Metropolitan of Mesogaia and the Islands






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