Voodoo and Santeria at Assisi!!!

From the Associated Press report:

“Standing on the altar of St. Mary of the Angels basilica, Wande Abimbola of Nigeria, representing Africa’s traditional Yoruba religion, sang and shook a percussion instrument as he told the delegates that peace can only come with greater respect for indigenous religions.”

Assisi, 2011. (1)

Assisi, 2011.


Assisi, 2011. (2)

Assisi, 2011.


Assisi, 2011. (3)

Assisi, 2011.

“We must always remember that our own religion, along with the religions practiced by other people, are valid and precious in the eyes of the Almighty, who created all of us with such plural and different ways of life and belief systems,” he said.”



And also here is the link to another video of Wände Abimbola as he adressed the pope and patriarch and began to chant hymns to one of his gods, Olokun, as he shook a rattle in the god’s honor. The pope and patriarch smiled approvingly.: http://gloria.tv/

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