The Synod of the “Orthodox” Bishops of France, have stated their satisfaction concerning the “spirit of Assisi”!!!

 The Synod of Orthodox Bishops of France, expressed their satisfaction with the most outrageous Ecumenistic prayer in history.

Paris, October 24, 2011 – With an announcement the Synod of the Orthodox Bishops of France, made a short tribute to the 25th anniversary of the Assisi after 27/10/1986.

The Presidency of the Conference of the Orthodox Bishops of France is under the Metropolitan of France Emmanuel. The Synod welcomes the “spirit of Assisi” and hopes that this will be in our times. The Orthodox bishops of the various local Churches, stressed the importance of dialogue, especially interreligious and feel that it promotes mutual understanding, peace, progress and mutual respect.

The press release states: “Now, during the global crisis, more than ever it is a necessity, not only to overcome the historical wounds, but to work together for peace and to overcome the tensions created from these crises.”

The Synod of the “Orthodox” Bishops of France, having welcomed the “spirit of Assisi”, decided to participate in interfaith “religious meetings for peace”, which are to be held in Paris on October 27 by the Roman Catholics, and the  ecumenical community of St. “Giles.

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