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Holy Epiphany 1937. Procession to the sea at Paleo Faliro. Metropolitans Germanos of Demetrias and Chrysostomos of Florina are visible.

Holy Epiphany 1938. Thousands of the faithful follow their spiritual leaders, Metropolitans Germanos of Demetrias, Chrysostomos of Florina and Bishop Germanos of the Cyclades.

Holy Epiphany 1948. The confessor Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Florina stands between Bishops Polycarpos of Diavleia (left) and Christophoros of Megaris (right) surrounded by the clergy and laity.

Holy Epiphany 1951 – from a newspaper at the time. On the left are the hierarchs of the G.O.C. with their clergy and on the right the sea of the faithful. Because of this unprecedented event the New Calendarist church began the violent and most cruel persecution against the G.O.C.

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