4. “Official Declaration from the Press Department of the Sacred Synod”, (Greek original with English translation).

“Official Declaration from the Press Department of the Sacred Synod”. For more info please see the “News” section “November 2007 = Yet again concerning Archb. Gregory of Colorado“

Under this official document of our Holy Synod, is a translation in English.

The english translation:



32 Kanigos str. –  4th floor – p.o 8122      ATHENS 10010 GREECE
Tel. 2103814087 –  FAX 2103812133
Taking into consideration recent allegations that our Sacred Synod by its approval participated in the reception of an unknown Ukrainian Archbishop Ambrose (Moran-Dolgorovsky) by Archbishop Gregory of Colorado, we declare that:
a) Our Sacred Synod was not involved in this act since it is not in Eucharistic communion with either of these two bishops.
b) The reception of a bishop from another jurisdiction requires his formal petition and a resultant Synodal decision. Since we never received any such petition there consequently  was never any such decision.
c) Archbishop Gregory of Colorado, not being a member of our Church, is neither governed by it nor should he report his activities to us. If in this matter he contacted a hierarch of our Synod to argue for this — it understandably  in no way constitutes assent or approval for his deed.
We appropriately state these facts to avoid any misunderstanding and to inform those interested.
Athens, November 16/29, 2007
From the Press Office
of the Church of the G.O.C. of Greece
[Seal] +Metropolitan Efthemios of Salonica