His Eminence Metropolitan k. Christophoros of Messogea and the Islands, baptismal name Ioannis Angelopoulos, was born in Piraeus in 1955. He was tonsured a monk in 1972, ordained to the diaconate in 1974 and priest in 1976. He studied at the University of Athens graduating with a theological degree in 1994. In 1996 he was consecrated Bishop of Aegina by His Eminence Metropolitan k. Kallinikos of Fthiotidos and his Sacred Synod. In July, 1999, he was elected Metropolitan of Messogea and the Islands (Argosaronic). 

Address: Holy Monastery of Panagias Drenias, Ambelakia, Salamina, Tel. and Fax: 2104672921



1.  His Eminence Metropolitan Christophoros of  Messogea and Islands.

WINTER SEAT: Holy Monastery of John the Baptist, Kouvaras, P.C: 19001, Attica, TEL & FAX: 22990-66263

SUMMER SEAT: Holy Monastery of Panagia Drenia, Ambelakia, P.C: 18902, Salamis. TEL. & FAX: 210-4672921

2.  Metropolitan Council

President: His Eminence Metropolitan Christophoros

Members: Archim. Germanos Tserpelis

Archim. Nektarios Dikeos

Hieromonk. Moisis Ginis

Mr. Dim. Turkomanolis

Mr. Dim. Koukas

Mr. Pan. Agourzis

3.  Protosyngelia:

Archim. Germanos Tserpelis.

Contact: Tel.& Fax : 22990-66263. E-mail :

4. Secretariat:

Archim. Pavlos Apostolopoulos

Contact: Tel. 210-4672921. E-mail :

5. Translation Dept.:

Maria Kouka.

6. Diocesan court:

President: His Eminence Metropolitan Christophoros

Members:  Archim. Germanos Tserpelis.

        Archim. Nektarios Dikeos

7. Benevolent Fund:

Priest. Kleomenis Kefalas

6. Adjacent website: